Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hi. My name is SarahJo. Not Sergio. This is my first blog.

Lately I've been contemplating how much I enjoy the early fall weather. It has this romantic and somewhat melancholy aspect to it. Being here at school, walking around campus and walking around the small, somewhat quiet town that is almost a sweet cliche of what small-town America is, I am overpowered by a familiar emotion that has never had a name. I remember playing with the neighborhood children when I was young and how the leaves on the trees seemed to rustle in a different way during the late summer - early fall days. They were still vibrant green. Full of life. But they were aware of what was coming. They seemed then almost eager for the next stage. Now what I meant by romantic wasn't necessarily the Clark Gable Vivien Leigh romance. But a sweet romance that finds itself in the poetry of Shakespeare's sonnets when he writes of the winter of his life. It's the same romance that fills the night sky on a full moon, it has reached its own pinnacle of beauty and the next day it will not be as beautiful as it is on that night.

I wish I could take a photo that can hold the way the breeze feels on your face, how it moves the leaves and your hair. The waning sunlight through the clouds. I wish fall could last forever.