Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little known fact...

I love sharpies. I love how they write in a smooth deliberate line.
I love that they are permanent and the word that is written is there for a reason.

A few weeks ago I made a book that has turned into a new journal and I had a sharpie that I was using for the first few pages and it was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.

I was shocked this week to discover that there are people who know me. Not in the sense that I'm misunderstood, but that there are people who care enough to pay that sort of attention to my daily ramblings.

In seminar we discussed what is attractive to ourselves. Generally, so people, things, whatever. Why are we drawn to what we're drawn to?

I came equipped because this is just the sort of topic that my roommate and I discuss when we can't sleep at 4am. I rose my hand and said, "My roommate describes my own attraction as this, though I think it's a little extreme: I'm attracted to rebellion. --" I'm instantly cut off with "YUPP!" and Sister Morgan along with a good fraction of the group verifies the validity of this.

Though, I still like to say I'm attracted to people or things that embrace originality.

Moral of the story: I bought five sharpies and am looking forward to a new chapter.