Monday, November 3, 2008

Friends = passive?

My roommates and I had a halloween party at our apartment on Friday, it was so much fun!

I then woke up on Saturday with a nasty cold and am still recovering. But I have amazing roommates and friends who are gracious and have been taking great care of me.

All of this leads me to ponder the thought: Is being a friend a passive role or an active one? I see the way that relationships grow and it is usually when two people are actively involved in the other's life. So a few thoughts on the subject are, who are the friends in my life? Am I being enough of a friend to them? Have any changed recently to a lesser status? Why is this? Is it physical distance? Or something else that grows between us and keeps us from feeling that charity and love for each other. I hope I will be able to find those opportunities to serve my friends and continue to build those binds instead of neglecting them and allowing them to become brittle and eventually fall to dust.