Monday, February 8, 2010


So I'm an English major right? Not just an English Major, but an English LITERATURE Major.... meaning, I read, and analyze... read, and analyze... and in between that... I read, and analyze. (Sometimes, I try hard not to analyze, but after six years in college [SIX years?!] I can't help myself.)

(This dude is the overwhelmed little man that tries to keep the information I've been gleaning over the years in functioning order. Good luck little man.)

To keep my brain from overloading and suffering from the lack of creation that I sometimes feel as I read and remark on the creation of others I sew. I made it my minor actually. And since this semester I've taken up two advanced sewing classes, a floral arranging class, a guitar class, oh yeah and one Lit Theory class, my creative juices have been coursing through my brain. This past week I was blogstalking the relatives of a friend that I had never met before... creepy right? And I happened upon some AWE inspiring little ditties that I want to incorporate into my creative endeavors...

This is Katie Jo's blog... I think she's related to Deb? But she makes pillows and cool stuff that I kinda love.
And then I was looking for how to make flowers... and found.....
at Little Birdie Secrets' blog and they have a TON of stuff that is super cool... I don't think she's related to anyone
I also found this on Little Birdie, they had a link to the pattern for this purse fo' FREES and now me and my roommate Rachel will be endeavoring to make them.
Somehow through all of this I ended up at Anna Maria's blog.... OMIHECK... I want this when I grow up, minus the children....
These walls were hand panted, as well as the beds. AGH! I want it! And I love the hardwood.
Anna Maria is a textiles designer and has AMAZING stuff that I'm kinda going crazy over.
Anyway, I'm excited to create, and live my life. I'll have books in my house. But I think instead of critiquing creativity I'd be a much happier person contributing to the creative whole.


PS Sorry if this is sensory overload :D


Olivia said...

I cannot wait to visit your house some day. The kitchens with intricate tiles - the only slightly odd aging library patron, it'll be very neat, I know it. The colors are going to be fantastic. You're going to be a bold wall painter I can tell. My mother is a bold wall painter. She surprised me one year for Christmas by painting my room all one deep smoldering rose color. Luckily I loved it. And still do. (I bet you didn't peg me for pink, did you?)

I cannot wait to start sewing projects with you as well! If you started a league of crafters, I would join you. I can crochet! And I'm itching to learn new trades ...

And blog stalking is perfectly acceptable. I promise. Can't wait to see you soon!

Sonja said...

I like the pretty pictures. Ooo. :) I am writing a new book about color exploration and developing a sense of identity from the colors we surround ourselves with and, girl, you're so getting interviewed for it :)