Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thankful for...

For those who take the abuse I dish out and still love me
For those who can love me and build me up from 2000 miles away
For those who give me a way home
For those who tell me about their lives
For those who embrace me
For those who let me lay out all of my problems and give me the best possible advice
For those who write words of encouragement and love

For those who are examples
For those who do what they can with what they have
For those who are excited to watch five hour long movies
For those who want only the best for me even when it's hard for them

For those who give grace
For those who build up

Heavenly Father


The constancy of the Holy Ghost

Brigham Young University - Idaho



Herlinda said...

I like how you orginized this. I want you to know how thankful i am for YOU! we haven't known eachother very long but i feel like you know me better then most. Thankyou for your support. for talking. for riding bikes with me. for yelling at me when i loose sight of things. for being patient with me when i do stupid things. I am thankful for you, SarahJo.

Raina said...

hi i don't know you but it looks like my sister does :]